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Xbox One, Xbox and PC. To get the most from your headset, please take a few moments to review this introduction. Xbox One Consoles Setup and Connections: The adapter places game volume, chat volume and mic mute controls right where your thumbs can operate them. Page 8 Setup and Connections: Insert the microphone boom plug into the jack on the left earcup of the headset. Controller not Included 2. Xbox Consoles Setup and Connections: The In-Line Amplifier places game volume, chat volume and mic mute controls within easy reach. Insert the cable from your headset into the headset jack of the In-Line Amplifier.

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Can a usb device burn out a usb port? I recently purchased a Toshiba external hard drive to move some stuff from my daughters tiny 20G HD on her Inspirion I got a message from XP saying the ports couldn’t provide enough power to the device.

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I can’t get the surround speakers to do anything using windows media 12; however i’ve never been able to get WM to utilize my surround speakers ever I tried though Anyways, I then downloaded K-lite 5 newest and used FFDshow audio configurer to change settings of the codec which caused the surround speakers to sound distorted so I reversed all the changes that I had made. I then decided to uninstall the device driver and allowed windows seven to detect the hardware automatically because it did that without my consent anyways at start All along the Vista driver allowed each speaker to operate as its supposed to through turtle beach control panel using the test feature.

Each speaker would output in the right location and whatnot However I wouldn’t get any sound coming from media. I know my control panel settings are correct and configured right. I DID get the surround speakers to output sound using media player classic using the “audio switcher” and custom mapping the channel actually not really knowing what i’m doing I just sorta activated every option and checked all the boxes and sound started to come out of those speakers.

I’m yet to try other media applications for further results because its late and i’m sleepy But i’m relatively certain that the settings I configured using the audio mapper only apply when i’m using Windows Media Player Classic.

Xbox comes with regular hook up and HDMI cable, Wi-Fi adapter, 2 rechargeable batteries and charger, Turtle beach earforce XL1 stereo headset with mic and 10 games: Halo 4, Call of duty Black-ops 2, NHL 15, Lego Batman, Lego Lord of the rings, Grand theft auto 5, Forza motorsports 4, Need for Speed hot pursuit, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Minecraft.

That itself is a massive plus point given that most headsets are one platform or the other, especially when it comes to the current crop of consoles. The main reason behind this is the universal 3. You see, connecting the 3. The newer Xbox One pads do, thanks to having a 3. It is the main selling point after all! The SuperAmp gives you control over six key options, four of which are volume, virtual surround sound level, mic monitoring levels and bass boost.

You simply adjust these options by the scroll wheel on the side, stopping when you hear the beep for minimum or maximum. The standard output without this option enabled is good, but this just makes it that bit better. It goes without saying, but every game sounded better with the headset. Not all of them benefitted from the Superhuman Hearing, mainly Rise of the Tomb Raider, but that could be down to personal preference.

I preferred to hear slightly less given the nature of the game, if that makes sense!

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XO Gaming Headphones Guide As an avid gamer, having a good gaming headset is among the necessities because it is helping you improve your gaming expertise. Gaming headphones are principally used whilst playing consoles, video games laptop or moveable devices basically to improve in-game audio experience. However, it isn’t easy to choose the most efficient PC gaming headset, particularly for first-timers.

It may sound stupid but make sure the volume on the headset itself isnt set all the way down. I had the same issue a month ago and some how my volume got bumped all the way down. I could hear people talk but no game volume.

Turtle Beach is well known for their quality audio and chat products across gaming systems, and the XO Fours have been no exception to the lineup. After plugging in the included USB cord, chat adapter, and detachable microphone into my controller to update it through the console, the headset was good to go. So while cumbersome, the adapter actually adds a small level of convenience to the XO Fours.

The tweaks in design are overall a step in the right direction and allowed for an even more immersed experience while I gamed, but I wish I could customize the headset a bit more, or had a variety of color combinations to choose from to make it feel more like my headset rather than a demo one. Unfortunately after a few days of non-use, it seems one of the speakers has gone out or suffers from incredibly low volume.

The speakers are massive, but the headset is made of a heavier, more durable plastic.

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Style and Substance August 18, by bryan The Corsair Gaming H and the Logitech G are gaming headsets that offer good performance while are still reasonable. While they may not have a lot of bells and whistles, they are still dependable for most of your gaming needs. The precision audio allows gamers to have special awareness for things like enemies sneaking around or special ability cues.

This means that only the commands that you speak are heard, not any distracting background noise. The Corsair Gaming H also has 50 mm neodymium drivers that reduce any noise distortion. They are small yet produce accurate sound reproduction. Whether you have a PC, mobile, game console or home theater device, the Corsair Gaming H and the Logitech G will be able to hook up to these devices and give you the same sound quality.

An internet connection is needed for any software downloads. Customization The Corsair Gaming H does not offer much in the way of customization. There is no option to program specific G Keys. The Corsair Gaming H comes in black with yellow highlights. There is only one color scheme option.

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It performs just about as well as advertised. The dynamic bass boost is quite potent, and I find I actually have to turn it down as it gives too much bass when on full blast. The built-in Mic Monitor function it boasts is a wonderful feature that really makes the headset work as you can hear yourself talk while you’ve got your game, music, or whatever blasting through the headphones.

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May 26, And they pick up static, interference There’s a monitor, TV, 2 computers, stereo, wall speakers, phone base and broadband router nearby. By nearby I mean in the room, other than the phone base and broadband router in the next room It picks up a lot of interference. And I can’t move where I work so I can’t get away from all the technology around me. My wireless headset before was great audio. But the wire went over my keyboard which was extremely frustrating.

And if it was under the desk it would go on my legs and on my arm and was equally as frustating. My new wireless headphones get rid of the wire frustration, they are a lot more comfy and they block out loads of sound. But the static is basically unbearable for me.

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