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Part 1 is here. Astonishingly, the latter occurs at a much higher frequency. Unfortunately, that is usually the extent of their effort. Acceptance of Gender Mixing: Humans need to socialize and interact with one another. I sometimes wonder why scholars emphasize the importance of community values among Muslims Jummah, Eid, visiting the sick, keeping relations with kin , yet spend most of their time speaking of the evilness of mixing with the opposite gender and the horrors that come about. I believe that God has commanded us to be social beings. There are no exclusions.

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Islam Islam is support, love and making peace Islam is the last religion in monotheistic and Abrahamic religions; Judhaism, Christianity and Islam religion. It is kept in original form since it was written. Muslims believe in Quran is the holly book and it will be protected by God till end.

Quran against the older muslim scholars, when moses came at the quran verses on dating in alongside pages of a similar quranic manuscript? Quran surah about dating Although the older muslim and his quranic verses on dating in physical cosmology, let us that verses in all round social life.

Thereafter, he received revelations over a period of twenty-three years. According to Welch, these seizures would have been seen by those around him as convincing evidence for the superhuman origin of Muhammad’s inspirations. Additionally, Welch states that it remains uncertain whether these experiences occurred before or after Muhammad began to see himself as a prophet.

Watt argues that a certain amount of writing was necessary for Muhammad to perform his commercial duties though it seems certain that he had not read any scriptures. The other copies already in the hands of Muslims in other areas were collected and sent to Medina where, on orders of the Caliph, they were destroyed by burning or boiling. As the Qur’an says, “With the truth we God have sent it down and with the truth it has come down. It means to cause this revelation to descend from the higher world.

However, in this view God himself is never the subject of coming down. The Qur’an — often referring to its own textual nature and reflecting constantly on its divine origin — is the most meta-textual, self-referential religious text. The Qur’an refers to a written pre-text which records God’s speech even before it was sent down. Sufi philosophers view the question as artificial or wrongly framed.

Muslims consider the Qur’an to be a guide, a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad and the truth of the religion.

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Arlandson A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian woman, but a Christian man is not permitted to marry a Muslim woman. I remember hearing an interview on the radio with a Muslim, a few years ago. As the interview began, the host asked the Muslim guest whether he was married.

Islam Qur’an verses dating from seventh century go on view in Birmingham Some of the earliest surviving pages of the Qur’an in the world were discovered by an Italian scholar in a volume in the.

The following are answers to some of the most common questions that ING and its affiliates across the country have encountered in that time. These answers reflect the fact that Islamic teachings are the product of a dynamic conversation among Muslim scholars and between the scholars and the laity who apply their best understanding of the primary sources of Islam rather than a fixed set of laws and regulations. This points to the fact that Islam, like all religions, does not live or speak apart from the people who practice it.

There is therefore no monolithic Islam, since, like any other religion, Islam exists only as it is understood and practiced by its adherents. As in other faith traditions, Muslim scholars have developed varied positions and responses to the numerous questions and issues that have been raised and discussed over the past years in the various lands where Islam is practiced. These perspectives and resulting practices differ partly because of the diversity within the Muslim community in geography, ethnicity, culture, and age.

There are about 50 countries in the world today with a majority Muslim population, each having its own distinct history and culture or multiplicity of cultures. And there are sizeable Muslim minorities in many other countries, including the United States and virtually all the countries of Europe, that are living Islam in their own unique situations.


Many articles and books have been written about a religion followed by over one billion people worldwide, some of which saw in Islam a separate civilization that will inevitably clash with the current dominant western civilization, but some were more optimistic, showing interest in a constructive debate, seeking understanding. However, many of these writings continued to perpetuate misinformation and repeat the same common misconceptions, thus giving a distorted picture of what islam is about, and what The Quran actually says.

For those interested in sincerely seeking the truth, we have prepared an easy to read and verify list using the book that Muslims regard as a divine guidance and final revelation to humanity: The Quran sometimes referred to as ‘The Koran’. We chose this approach because it is the only undisputed source amongst muslims and it is important for the reader to be able to research and verify what is written and The Quran is widely available in many countries and in many different languages.

The Qur’an has provided divorce as a peaceful solution (See Qur’an ; ; ). The Prophet Muhammad married a woman who had been divorced, reinforcing the acceptability of divorce in the Muslim community.

They are here to encourage discussion so that the truth may be known. Are you doing enough good works? The Qur’an says, “To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness hath Allah promised forgiveness and a great reward” Surah 5: Are you doing enough good deeds to receive salvation on the Day of Judgment? Are you doing all you can, or are you relaxing in your dedication to Allah? Are you sincere enough to please Allah? The Qur’an says, “O ye who believe! Turn unto Allah in sincere repentance!

It may be that your Lord will remit from you your evil deeds and bring you into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, on the day when Allah will not abase the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their light will run before them and on their right hands; they will say: Perfect our light for us, and forgive us!

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Importance of Sex in Marriage In Islam, marriage is not restricted to a platonic relationship between husband and wife, nor is it solely for procreation. This was because Islam has fully understood that sexual instincts cannot and must not be repressed. They can only be regulated for the well being of human beings in this life and for their success in the hereafter.

I recommend marriage to you. Celibacy and Monasticism is Forbidden Islamic is totally opposed to monasticism and celibacy. The Prophet S was angered.

Islam is a religion that is approximately 1, years old, having been founded by Muhammad in the ‘s A.D. Muhammad’s teachings were complied after he died by his followers and makeup the sacred text for Muslim, called the Quran.

April 6, Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Qur’anic Manuscripts The newest Historical material we now have on the dating of the earliest Qur’anic Manuscripts Mushafs is breaking new historical ground. These findings have an impact on not only the authenticity of the earliest Qur’ans, but also on who Muhammad was, as well as the whole scope concerning how Islam emerged. This new material has just come to light in the last two years – and is proving to be a real ‘game changer’ for those of us engaging publicly with Islam, especially within the academic environment, where the significance of these findings will have the greatest impact.

Concolusions of this new research is summarised as follows: Yet when we do this it is more damaging to Islam and suddenly our Muslim friends are silenced with no answer. Before we look at the new evidence four questions need to be asked! Is the Qur’an eternal?

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This discovery has created a considerable impact on the nature, understanding, and implication of both Islamic history and Muslim belief. The manuscripts themselves were written in ink on velum parchment paper, using a Hijazi Arabic script,[3] and show legible portions of Surat chapters [4] 18 to 20[5]. The leaves are double sided in a codex book fashion, the recto side of page one containing sections of Surat

My Muslim son is dating an atheist against my wish. He wants me to meet and befriend her family which I’m not comfortable in doing because I feel I would be showing that I condone his relationship with her. He told me that if I want to be in his life in the future, I must do this. I want my son in.

Such people can look at this aspect of Allah’s creation and be reminded of the greatness of Allah’s work and power and the magnificent mercy Allah has placed in His creation And among His signs are that He created for you from your selves mates that you may attain calm unto them and He placed between you affection and compassion. Surely in that are signs for a people who reflect.

He is the one who created you from a single soul and made from it its mate that he may attain calm unto her. If husband and wife do not find this in their marriage, then they need to look to their Islam and the completeness of their uboodiya slavery and complete worship to Allah Most High. By each of them focusing on the completeness of their Islam and carefully maintaining their obligations toward the other – instead of focusing on the faults of the other – the affection, compassion and great calm or peace of home life will insha Allah be found.

Muslims and Non-Muslims should reflect on the affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses It is amazing that two people may only have seen each other for just a few minutes prior to being married yet deep love and affection is instilled in their hearts for each other. However if we look at the uncivilized relationships in which people try so hard to get the right partner even doing what can be best described as test drives and not just with one women but many dozens of women.

Still the relationship or marriage fails in most cases. Allah is the one who controls the hearts and it is from He whom we should ask for a good spouse.


Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world’s population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith.

Is Islam wrong or fake?Quran copies that predate the Muslim prophet Muhammad may exist, according to some researchers. If their theories are true, then some claim this discovery shakes the very foundation of Islam, but others say the response to this claim is all in the writing.

One person said in an answer above that men and women cannot have attractions to one another and if you lower your gaze you won’t have attractions! That is how warped the mentality is. Qur’an says when any group of people are alone together, 3 or more or less than 3 which would be 2! Men and women are given moral instructions. That is faulty religion. The test is in our attractions to one another. Muslims go extreme to take away the test. Well, if you don’t take the test, you cannot pass the test, which means you fail the test.

Mainstream Islam fails the test – it takes away the test with the belief that it cannot be passed. Mainstream Islam is comprised of sexually repressed people with extremely dirty minds. Sickening what goes through their minds if they hear about a man and woman being alone together.

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Best Dating , Confession , DeenMate , eHarmony , intimacy , Love Marriage , marriage , matrimony Marriage in Islam is consent between two people for a lifetime relation that entails a bond and connection between man and woman. Islam does not allow a man to have might authority to dump a woman in name of religion. This shameful and eye-opening practice since long, has frowned upon by all religious scholars and much of mainstream Islam but is still observed in secret.

Dating the Qur’anic Verses According to Muslim scholars, Al-Kahf (The Cave) was generally revealed in Mecca, except verse 28 and verses which were revealed in Medina. [15].

WhatsApp Our Middle East Editor Aicha Zaa looks at the culture and beliefs behind Jinns in Islam, of superstition and spirits within the Arab culture and how it plays such a huge part of everyday life. Many cultures, peoples and religions have beliefs and encounters with some sort of extra-terrestrial beings, whether they are referred to as ghosts, aliens or demons.

And the Jinn He created from a smokeless fire. Science tells us that the Earth was nothing but a volcanic mass of fire when it was first created, and that water, which is the core element for biological life, did not appear on this planet until after it had cooled for many millions of years. Therefore, if the creation and evolution of man began with the presence of water on Earth, then the theory is that the creation of the Jinn began when the Earth was still a hot fiery mass many millions of years ago.

All of the clues of what a Jinn is are given in the, all these clues lead to a scientific and logical summary: Islam postulates that Jinn are beings living in a parallel world. It is a most confusing mythical feature of the Quran.

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