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May 24, Hi Gals! I’m new here at Soompi and this is my first time posting. Actually, I just made an account so I could discuss with you guys. I hope I’ll fit in. As I’m totally into to the this young couple. I never thought, I would be so into Taemin and Naeun. I love how their WGM story is unfolding. And as what many of wish

We Got Married

Yoona pun tersenyum padaku. Annyeong, aku Cho Eun ho, mahasiswa salah satu universitas di Seoul. Aku termasuk salah satu mahasiswa berbakat di sini. Ya, Dong Mi ini adalah ketua cheers di universitas kami, termasuk salah satu yeoja terpopuler di universitasku. Semua namja menyukainya tapi pada akhirnya dia pacaran dengan salah satu namja yang menurutnya sudah lama ditaksirnya. Dong Mi heran mengapa aku tidak suka Sungmin, ya iyalah aku nggak akan suka sama dia bosan sekali dari SMP melihat wajahnya dia.

Lee Kwang Soo, A Pink’s Eunji and Teen Top’s Niel, who have been chosen as the new models for the carbonated drink, ‘Fanta’, have released their latest single titled, “Fanta Time” for the brand.

Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance. It was because of Michael Jackson that Taemin decided to become a dancer. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs.

Taemin headed to a dance studio in L.


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SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Na Eun ride a speed boat on ‘We Got Married’ SHINees Taemin and A Pinks Na Eun ride a speed boat on We Got Married Temukan Pin ini dan lainnya di TV / .

This romantic drama originally run at March 6, – May 16, [Mondays and Tuesdays at 9: Series Development Spring Waltz, a episode Korean television miniseries, was the final feature of the season-themed drama series directed by Yoon Seok-Ho. Although the story shares the similar format of genuine love and childhood memories, Yoon adds several fresh twists and turns into Spring Waltz. In this miniseries, the drama’s message is conveyed more actively through the season spring.

Love is compared to the way spring blossoms into their lives, bringing a sense of hope. Love is also depicted as gently embracing the protagonists’ lonely hearts, which are chillingly numb in the midst of a long and harsh"winter”. Another noticeable change is that this series is the only feature out of four season series to include overseas locations, namely in Austria, where the shootings have taken place around well-known tourist spots such as Hallstatt and Salzburg. Moreover, most of its production money has come from external sources and investments made by domestic and foreign interests.

With news that the drama was sold to nine countries including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the series garnered widespread attention from the media industry even before the series aired in March

‘We Got Married’ clears up mistaken belief that Na

Three couples learn dancing. Hwang Kwanghee’s parents come visit. The real couple of 11 years, Jung-in and Jo Jung-chi, start their virtual marriage. Jung-in and Jung-chi must find each other using the memories of their relationship. Go Joon-hee visits Jinwoon’s job. Jung-chi and Jung-in receive a mission to move into the ‘We Got Married’ village.

غير معروف على Na-Eun من A Pink تتحدث عن عادا Teto_ على [رأي مستخدمي الإنترنت] Kim Kib غير معروف على (رأي مستخدمي الإنترنت) إكتشاف.

Apakah itu merupakan awal jatuh cinta yang sedang ia rasakan sekarang ini? Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui bersama, Minhyuk dan Krystal adalah salah satu pasangan yang terdapat pada drama Korea terbaru dengan judul The Heirs. Akan tetapi, siapa yang menyangka jika selama ini Minhyuk tidak hanya terpesona pada Krystal lantaran melakoni perannya saja di drama tersebut, tetapi perasaannya yang sebenarnya pada kehidupan nyata?

Pada saat itu, Minhyuk mendapat pertanyaan mengenai peran yang dilakoninya di serial drama The Heirs dan bagaimana perasaannya selama ini pada kekasihnya, yaitu Krystal. Maka dari itu pada saat ia mulai berakting, ia tidak bisa menahan diri untuk tidak tersenyum. Menurut pengakuannya, senyum itu memang keluar secara alami. Pada saat itu, Minhyuk mengungkapkan perasaannya sambil memasang mimik blushing. Di samping itu, pembawa acara host yang meminta keterangannya pada saat itu juga langsung menangkap satu gelagat yang tidak biasa dari Minhyuk dan langsung menyarankan supaya dia tidak mengatakan lebih lanjut apabila tidak ingin terlibat dalam sebuah skandal percintaan para selebritis Korea.

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Career beginnings Main article: Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance. It was because of Michael Jackson that Taemin decided to become a dancer. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of

Feb 10,  · Korean Girl’s Hello everyone Nama gue Aulia Azzahra Kalo tentang gue sih Kalian semua aja ya yg nilai gue kayak gimana (Y) Lihat profil lengkapku.

Hwang Shin-hye The above names are indexed according to the Korean alphabet. Korean names are generally not transcribed according to one agreed-upon system. Therefore you may find the same person’s name spelled in different ways, for example “Jang Jin-young” vs. The letter “iung” is silent and is followed by a vowel; note that the name “Lee” is actually pronounced “ee” or “yi” in Korean. To learn more — it’s easier than you think — visit this introduction to the Korean alphabet Ahn Sung-ki Ahn Sung-ki b.

January 1, is the consummate veteran actor, having starred in close to 70 films at the time of this writing.

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While talking with helium gas Taemin gets Na Eun to say that she misses him easily. As they are about to watch a movie Taemin asks Na Eun if she ever watched a movie with a guy and she did. She watched a movie in the drama ‘Childless Comfort’ with the actor Lee Do Young who played her boyfriend – later husband (the guy who kissed her, etc.

Dates, outings, and vacations It seems like much of the stuff the couples decide to do together is planned by the writers. Conversations The fights and many of the conversations also often seem scripted or at least prompted by a storyline the writers want to develop. Taemin will probably have to throw a tantrum about too-short comeback outfits worn by Na Eun, Na Eun will probably pout due to Taemin posing with a girl group member for a magazine spread, and they will have some sort of discussion about finances or food that involves disagreement.

Reality and Television Overall, a good deal of WGM is scripted and very few people on the show are good enough at acting to cover the awkward transition to scripted conversations and outings. The show seems to have gotten more and more tightly scripted over the years, and managers apparently attend filming sessions to monitor the stars and prevent public relations disasters. The possibility of just about anything truly spontaneous happening and then making it onto the show is low.


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