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A micro-continent with Paleozoic arc magmatism has been recognized in the northern Qinling—Tongbai orogens; however, it remains unclear whether the micro-continent extended to the Dabie Orogen to form a ribbon-shaped micro-continent, due to later burial by the Hefei Basin in the north. The age spectra of detrital zircons suggest that the Dabie Orogen and later basin cover were the sources of the analyzed sandstones. The detrital and inherited zircons indicate Neoproterozoic, early and late Paleozoic magmatism in the Beihuaiyang unit in the north of the Dabie Orogen. The zircon and previous geophysical data show that a micro-continent bounded by the Feizhong Suture in the north and the Xiaotian—Mozitang Suture in the south existed between the NCB and the Triassic Dabie Orogen, and its northern half is buried by the Jurassic—Paleogene Hefei Basin. The Beihuaiyang micro-continent experienced early Paleozoic arc magmatism caused by southward subduction of the Erlangping oceanic crust and late Paleozoic magmatism related to northward subduction of the Paleotethyan oceanic crust. The micro-continent was accreted to the southern edge of the NCB at the end of the Early Devonian ca.

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By Kiganos Those prone to keloid formation should probably not get piercings. Reports at the 16th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in indicated that bacterial infections are seldom serious, but that ten to twenty percent of piercings result in local benign bacterial infection. It is important to know that some gold jewelry contains nickel.

Here are some of those different types of ear piercings which are bound to get heads spinning. Standard Lobe Piercing. This is the type of piercing that is the most common.

The tongue, lips, nose, eyebrows, nipples, navel belly button , and genitals can all be pierced. Complications from Body Piercing: Infection at the pierced site. Whenever the skin’s protective barrier is broken, local skin infections from staph or strep bacteria are a risk. Of all the body sites commonly pierced, the navel is the most likely to become infected because of its shape. Infections can often be treated with good skin hygiene and antibiotic medications.

With this type of infection, jewelry generally does not have to be taken out.


Previous reports on those who obtain tattoos, piercings, and scarification have focused mainly on high-risk populations, including at-risk adolescents. Although body modifications have become a mainstream trend, they still may be associated with medical complications and, among adolescents, may also co-occur with high-risk behaviors.

This first clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics on tattooing, piercing, and scarification discusses the history of these methods of body modification, educates the reader on methods used, reports on trends in associated adolescent and young adult risk behaviors, differentiates between nonsuicidal self-injury NSSI and body modifications, and educates the reader about how to anticipate and prevent potential medical complications.

Finally, guidance is provided to pediatricians and, through the pediatrician, to parents and adolescents and young adults about safety and regulations regarding body modification should they wish to obtain tattoos, piercings, or scarification. History of Body Modification: Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification Although interest in body modification has increased recently, history teaches us that body modifications are not new.

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The body of a year-old Delhi University student … The accused told the police that he got in touch with the victim through a dating site and had met … Body piercing, a form of body modification, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. The word piercing can refer to the act or practice of body piercing, or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice.

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Selected general articles A Crescent also known as a circular tusk made out of acrylic plastic. The claw, talon or pincher is essentially a curved taper which is worn in stretched ear lobe piercings. The thickest end is generally flared and may be decorated, and a rubber o-ring may also be used to prevent the talon from becoming dislodged when worn.

Common materials include acrylic and glass. A similar item of jewelry is the crescent , or pincher, which as the name suggests, is shaped like a crescent moon and is tapered at both ends. Talons and claws may also be quite ornamental e. Consequently, they may prove to be an impractical choice of jewelry as they may snag on hair, clothing, etc.

Stretching , in the context of body piercing , is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing certain types of jewelry. While all piercings can be stretched to some degree, cartilage piercings are usually more difficult to stretch and more likely to form hypertrophic scars if stretched quickly. Dermal punching is generally the preferred method for accommodating larger jewelry in cartilage piercings.

Stretching is usually done in small increments to minimize the potential for damaging the healed fistula or creating scar tissue. In North America , most stretching methods go up by a single even-sized gauge increment at a time. In Europe and most of the rest of the world, jewelry is metric , but the increments between standard sizes are similar. A Madison piercing is a body piercing going through the skin at the front of the neck.

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Khond woman with ear, septum and nostril piercings Nose piercing also has a long history. Nose piercing has been practiced by the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East and the Berber and Beja peoples of Africa, [22] as well as Australian Aboriginals. It was popular among the Aztecs , the Mayans and the tribes of New Guinea, who adorned their pierced noses with bones and feathers to symbolize wealth and among men virility. Pierced adornments of the lip, or labrets , were sported by the Tlingit as well as peoples of Papua New Guinea and the Amazon basin.

Women of the Nilotic Mursi tribe in the Nile Valley wear lip rings on occasion that may reach 15 centimetres 5. The blood would be collected on bark, which would be burned in honor of the Mayan gods.

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Prince Albert piercings, often abbreviated as PA’s, are one of the most common male genital piercings. Before you decide to have your ‘little prince’ pierced, read this information. Some methods pierce from the inside of the urethra outwards, and others pierce from outside to inside the urethra. Positioning The PA pierces the penis from the outside of the frenulum into the urethra.

These piercings can be centered or off to the side.

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